Industry Sectors

ADEC USA has deep industry experience supporting our clients with customized customer and back-office support options. Listed below are the key business segments ADEC supports and has provided customized industry specific BPO solutions.

PEO Outsourcing

We assist PEO companies by functioning as their back office and data processing team, supporting various processes. Our outsourcing solutions cover a wide range of services for PEO companies, including HR analysis, Benefits Administration, and more.



ADEC USA is the trusted partner for some of the largest logistics organizations in the US. For 27 years, ADEC has provided enhanced back-office support to transportation providers such as critical shippers, LTL carriers, TL carriers, air freight and air charter, freight forwarders and other logistics companies. Our expertise includes document management, scanning, data entry, account receivables, cash management applications, billing exception management, customer support and specialty operational support using record archive retrieval and database management tools.

Banking & Financial

ADEC USA has supported various Banking and Financial clients of all sizes. ADEC is PCI-DSS certified and we are committed to ensuring that our clients data and customer information is secure. We specialize in providing back-office support and contact center operations. Examples of our BPO support include document management, scanning, data entry, digitalization, data management and migration, digital mailroom, online archiving and retrieval, credit card and loan processing and more.


ADEC USA provides BPO outsourcing support that mortgage processors, loan servicing organizations and title companies depend upon the most. Our customer support and back-office operations include document management, scanning, data entry and online record archiving and retrieval. We also provide third party verification, compliance audits, pre-purchase audits and customized support options. ADEC is PCI-DSS certified and also offers contact center support.

Human Resource Operations

ADEC USA provides comprehensive back office support to human resource departments that require streamlined process improvement and digitalization of their employee records. Our BPO outsourcing support includes data management, scanning, data entry, online record archiving and retrieval and more.


ADEC USA provides BPO outsourcing support to law firms and legal organizations of all sizes. Our services include document management, scanning, coding, transcription and data entry. We also customize enhanced support to improve utilization of case files and offer online archiving and retrieval.