Delivering a Variety of Services

Our deep industry knowledge allows us to deliver a variety of data-driven assurance solutions that can assist you to reduce costs, optimize resource use, and improve operational efficiencies that can help you reshape and grow your business no matter where you are.

Document Management Services

There is no limit to what you can digitize.

We offer a broad range of Document Imaging and Management Services with specialist BPO strategies, scanning, capture and archiving services designed to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of managing and safeguarding your key documents.

These services range from small volume to bulk document scanning and data extraction to web based electronic archiving and physical document storage plus a host of other related services.

Combining the latest technology with a wide array of service offerings, the flexibility to customize a Document Management process tailored to meet even your complex business requirements; add in a commitment to quality and competitive pricing will make ADEC Innovations – USA a top choice among DMO providers.

From traditional paper documents, microfilm, text records, drawing, large formats, and even books to blueprints and combined with our clerical, indexing and web based image archive products ROSS, ADEC gives you cutting edge technology backed by over 26 years of image processing experience that will assure you on receiving the highest quality end product with little or no capital investment.

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Online Archiving and Retrieval

Store, search, view and collaborate your documents easily and securely online.

Our Approach

Our proprietary based Records Online Storage System(ROSS), offers flexibility and integration to accommodate any unique requirements. We can convert your documents into electronic images, help you reclaim office space, organize documents for easy retrieval, simplify disaster recovery, and reduce your company's environmental impact.

ROSS is designed to be a flexible, user administered and secure system that can bridge across multiple platforms and locations. Configurations can be setup to meet simple retrieval jobs all the way to the most complex requirements of secured level access partitions which includes indexing and search options which makes finding or sharing the right document quick and efficient. ROSS brings intangible work flow improvements to any company in need of a document management solution.

With ROSS, we provide authorized remote office users with 24/7 access to records from any system with a web browser which includes custom screens and data elements. There is no costly hardware investment and because your data is protected at a compliant off-site secure ADEC facility, the hosting of your data can also serve as a key element of your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

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Customer Experience Services

Contact Center and Customer Experience Services

Our Contact Center Services allows you to reach new levels of customer service for your clients. We provide a full range of Contact Center Services, across many spectrums and industries including; Customer Care Services, Verification Services, Inbound Support Services, Mortgage Verification Services, Application Processing, Rebate Processing, Loyalty Programs, Clinical Trial Testing and many more that may be tailor fit to your industry's specific requirements. Our Customer Services Reps may interact with your customers via phone, email, fax, chat, and social media.

Quality and Service Assured

In order to assure quality we selectively match the specific skills of our agents to our customers' specific processes. We monitor our agents on a regular basis and have internal metrics to measure their performance to meet any SLA's of our clients. We provide real-time feedback and coaching that aligns with our client's expectations. All training material is developed with our clients which includes accessible work instructions for our agents at all times.

We are more than a Contact Center. We partner with our clients and speak passionately across all channels. We care about our client's brand image and no matter when, how or why we take care of our client's image just as if their brand was our brand. We reinforce brand loyalty by projecting our client's brand image and corporate culture as if our own.

Rebate Processing
and Fulfillment Services

Rebate promotions have proven successful in driving customer-acquisitions, retention/loyalty and driving top-line revenues. Our end-to-end Rebate Processing and Fulfillment Services provide full-service, full-spectrum management of the rebate process from start to finish which is supported by multiple innovations and an experienced staff which may include; Scanning, Recognizing handwriting, full or partial online processing with the ability to digitize paper documents for instant access.

Our Full or partial online processing allows for the complete management of mail associated programs that can verify rebate coupons and/or orders, store, warehouse and ship your rebate offer, if it’s a physical and not electronic rebate while managing all aspects of the rebate management program from data entry and accounting to customer service support. We bring actionable strategic value through innovative methods.

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Business Processing Services

Design to provide enhancements that will help you work more efficiently.

Back Office Support

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, it is increasingly more important for you to focus on your core strengths and competencies to maintain your competitive edge.

Our Business Process Services are designed to assist you in gaining that competitive advantage in the marketplace that allows you to work smarter and more cost efficient.

Our Back Office Support Services are designed to provide you optimum services that can be mixed and matched to address your general or specific needs to streamline your processes. No matter how great or small your needs may be, we have the right kind of support for you.

With over 5,000 employees worldwide, we deliver the right strategies and methods that build value. Our people are well-trained and highly qualified to manage your back office functionality. You can delegate a part or all of a specific process to us without a fear of slackened performance levels nor Information and security breaches.

We use the latest technology available that is capable of handling any workload with the ease of ensuring fast and reliable results. We also know you want the maximum level of confidentiality when it comes to your data, and with our numerous Certifications, you are assured that we are secure and compliant to meet any Federal and/or State regulation or law.

Application Development

Our Application Development Services drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Approach

Drawing from our global experience across all major industries, our diverse IT Team can develop customized scalable IT solutions for our clients. Paired with deep industry knowledge, technology expertise, unique architecture capability and diverse program management skills our clients are able to integrate and achieve new capabilities and applications that can span across emerging technologies.

While working with your IT professionals we assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation and testing of all systems to jointly analyze and integrate any of these new system.

We work with you to provide the skills you need to maximize and manage any new applications and platforms across distinct spectrums.