ADEC CEO: Opportunities for outsourcing abound as the healthcare industry transforms

ADEC Innovations CEO James Donovan discussed the pivotal role of digital outsourcing in the healthcare industry during the recently held HIMSS Conference 2022 held in Orlando from March 14 to 18.

Donovan emphasized that, as the industry transitions to a new normal, opportunities and risks must be considered.

“Moving to an integrated model will help healthcare institutions recover and customers to get the care they need,” Donovan said.

Highlighting the impact of digitalization in the context of pandemic response, Donovan named telemedicine as an alternative and progressive solution, one that has gained the confidence of patients all over the world because of its efficiency, immediate, and safe framework.

It is expected that outsourced medical practitioners will increase in prominence with 51% of patients averse to scheduling medical procedures and 40% unwilling to visit the hospital. 

The digitalization of the industry brings with it a number of risks, including job loss, information risks, performance monitoring, and organization readiness for the transition. By addressing these issues quickly, however, organizations will be able to recover faster.

Donovan’s message was in line with the event’s theme, “Re-Imagining Health.” Through talks and discussions on bringing technology and person-to-person care together, the week-long conference provided in-depth insights, industry-transforming conversations, and countless networking opportunities.

The Philippines was cited as one of the best outsourcing destinations by Donovan, especially for healthcare solutions. Apart from the fact that 95 percent of its population speaks English, the Philippines has produced 9,000 new licensed nurses per year and has provided 150,000 nurses to the United States since 1960.

ADEC at the center of astounding BPO growth

ADEC Innovations, according to Department of Trade and Industry undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba herself, sits at the top of the most notable players in the industry. Donovan credits the feat to its steady growth during the first years of the still-ongoing pandemic.

“During those years, as we have been doing since the beginning, we just remained focused on what we believe in as a company—that we must take care of our people, from their family to their well-being. Everything starts with them—and because they are our main drivers to advancing sustainability across business sectors,” Donovan said. 

The revenue for Business Process Management (BPM) services is projected to grow by as much as $5 billion this year. The outsourcing industry alone is producing an astonishing $2.9B in revenue annually, a number that increases by the year.


HIMMS is an annual conference where healthcare industry leaders, practitioners, providers, and innovators meet to discuss recent trends, news, risks and opportunities in the field. For many years, ADEC Innovations has been attending HIMSS to promote healthcare outsourcing and the Filipino talent.