ADEC Innovations Healthcare To Attend HIMSS 2021

ADEC Innovations Healthcare will be attending the 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference on August 8-13th in Las Vegas

The 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference is fast approaching.  This year’s conference is August 8-13th in Las Vegas, featuring 17 topic categories that healthcare executives will be attending.

One of the major categories is “Consumers, Care Giver and Patient Experience”.  This subject area has evolved with the ongoing Covid crisis as health systems, third party administrators and hospitals have been forced to improve access to more patients by enhancing delivery of care and services.  Organizations are turning to partnerships to deliver and improve care.

“HIMSS 2021 will be the perfect venue for healthcare teams to share feedback and learn from their peers how Covid impacted operations.  What we have been witnessing is a steady increase in the use of outsourcing partnerships from health plans, third party administrators and hospitals to support their utilization management, care team support and revenue cycle management, which resulted in efficiencies and improved patient care.”  - James Donovan, CEO of ADEC Innovations.

ADEC Innovations Healthcare is a global leader in providing medical management services that support the delivery of care to patients. ADEC features a robust healthcare technologies system that improves data management, offers utilization management and established care coordination protocols which are available to clients utilizing onshore and offshore teams.  The backbone of this enhanced capability is supported by over 300 in-house nursing professionals. 

ADEC also offers revenue cycle management by simplifying the reimbursement process and has programs to digitize medical records and automate workflows. ADEC Innovations Healthcare is HIPPA and PCI compliant, and maintains ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 ratings.  Please visit booth 4454 at the upcoming HIMSS conference or click here to learn more at ADEC Innovations Healthcare.