Empowering Communities and Fostering Inclusivity

Impact Sourcing is revolutionizing outsourcing by focusing on social responsibility, providing jobs to marginalized communities, and fostering economic inclusion as part of a conscious workforce-building strategy.

As long-time practitioners of Impact Sourcing, ADEC USA is part of the driving force behind this movement.

People Empowering our people through skills and career development is at the heart of our approach. This leads to economic opportunities, ultimately contributing to advancing social progress.
Communities As we introduce impact sourcing to new local communities, we infuse fresh capital into the region, providing increased spending power for local residents within their communities.
Clients Our clients get the benefit of an outsourced model that blends value and efficiency with impact-focused employment practices that contribute towards sustainability goals.

Why Impact Source?

Incorporating impact sourcing into your outsourcing strategy can yield a range of social and economic benefits.

By bringing jobs to disadvantaged communities and supporting marginalized groups, impact sourcing contributes to wider positive social change. This inclusive approach enhances corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Impact Sourcing also diversifies talent pools, fostering a more equitable and sustainable outsourcing strategy.

Impact Sourcing at ADEC USA

As part of ADEC Innovations, ADEC USA has a distinguished track record in creating employment opportunities for remote and underprivileged communities, both offshore and onshore.

In 2014, we launched operations in Kenya, focusing on areas outside Nairobi as part of our outsourcing services. Through our Kenya operation, we bring opportunities and skills training to deserving individuals from rural areas.

Operating as an outsourcing service provider, our approach centers on forging fresh career opportunities for individuals navigating economic challenges.

ADEC Innovation’s wider contribution to impact sourcing is recognized as Impact Sourcing Specialists in Everest Group's Impact Sourcing State of the Market Report 2023.

Measurable Impact for People and Clients

<2% Monthly attrition
99.5% SLA achievement
2/3 Employees from rural or under developed areas
48% Females in the workforce

What our People Say

Working with ADEC Innovation Impact Sourcing has transformed my life as a single mother. For the past three years, ADEC has not only provided me with a fulfilling IT job but also accommodated my responsibilities. The flexibility allows me to balance work and parenting seamlessly. ADEC's innovative environment has turned my IT dreams into reality. The camaraderie with colleagues of my age, continuous learning, and daily excitement make ADEC my ideal workplace. It's not just a job; it's a life-changing experience.

Jillian Mbonaneri Maronda

Business Process Analyst, ADEC Kenya