Why Logistic Outsourcing

Logistics operations are inherently complex, demanding 24/7 oversight of operations, shipments, supply chains, and client relationships. Managing these complexities in-house can strain resources and escalate costs.

Logistics outsourcing benefits include enabling logistics companies to access specialized talent at competitive rates while reducing operational burdens. Partnering with logistics business process outsourcing specialists helps logistics companies adapt swiftly to market dynamics, scale operations efficiently, and reduce overheads enhancing their overall agility and profitability.

Addressing Logistics Challenges: Comprehensive Solutions Offered by ADEC USA

Logistics Challenge Solution

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Leverage our offshore and onshore teams to bridge the skills gap.  

Whether you need expertise in finance, accounting, tax, customer care, HR, or reliable support for data entry and image labelling, we match your skillset and budget requirements.

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B2B Customer service requirements

Access expert, scalable customer care teams and omnichannel capabilities.

Our contact center services span voice, email, chat, fax, and social media, ensuring timely support for effective client service.

Globalization and supply chain visibility

Ensure reliable support across your operation with right-shore model.

Whether you need 24/7 processes, multi-language services or compliance support we help clients navigate diverse markets and international requirements.

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Technological Advances

Optimize processes with tech capabilities with optical character recognition (OCR) to robotic process automation (RPA) and AI.

From our proprietary ROSS solution for online record management to custom digital analytics tools and dashboards, ADEC USA utilizes tech for efficiency, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

Data Security and Cyber Threats


Access services with built in security.

ADEC USA ensures data security compliance with ISO-certified centers following ISO 27001:2022, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. We employ multi-factor authentication and IP-based access restrictions for enhanced security.


Our Logistics Support Services

Administrative Tasks

Administrative Tasks

  • Data Entry
    Keying domestic and global delivery addresses.
  • Document Handling
    Scanning, sorting, batching, secure on-site storage and destruction.
  • Daily Admin
    Pick up of paper applications, address changes and other requests from the post office.
  • Online Archiving
    Use ROSS system for secure online archival, retrieval, document management and collaboration.

Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

  • Transaction Monitoring:
    Analyzing parcel in picture and remote image verification to validate package characteristics, minimizing dispute risks.
  • Surcharge Validation:
    Accessing and applying surcharges to shipments based on client specifications.
  • Freight Bill Audit
    Reviewing client invoices for accuracy.
  • Shipments Evaluation
    Approving, denying, and categorizing shipments according to customer requirements.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

  • Revenue Application
    Applying paper checks, EFT, and electronic data interchange to customer accounts.
  • Payment Reconciliation & Refund:
    Ensuring accurate payment application of refunds per customer account, covering checks, EFT, and EDI transactions.

Technology and Online Solutions

Technology and Online Solutions

  • Platform Development
    Creating online platforms for streamlined applications, instant decisions, and lead generation.
  • Remote Parcel Verification
    Conducting a visual review to validate parcel measurements and weight globally.
  • Address Verification
    Verify domestic and global addresses for delivery packages.

Specialized Services

Specialized Services

  • Year-End Statements Management
    Handling monthly YESS files, loading data into ROSS for client access, and online statement viewing.
  • Vehicle Fleet Services
    Converting fleet transaction data files to EDI format, and providing PDF statements for Fleet Admins.
  • IRS-Income Verification
    Handling Form 4506-T, uploading documents to ROSS, form faxing to IRS, and uploading IRS response for client review.

Contact Center Services

Contact Center Services

  • Global Offshore Capabilities
    Providing access to wide talent pools at optimal prices with offshore centers in Ireland, Egypt, the Philippines, and Kenya.
  • Traditional Voice and Omnichannel Support
    Providing customer support across any channel including email, chat, fax, and social media.

Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say

“ADEC [USA] does an excellent job of performing the processes currently outsourced to them. They understand our business, systems, and processes extremely well. As additional processes are moved to them, they do a great job of working with us to ensure proper documentation and training occur so the transition is seamless."

Outsourcing Client, Global Logistics Company

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