Online Archiving and Retrieval Services

The Challenge: Managing a growing volume of documents can be overwhelming, leading to inefficiencies in storage, retrieval, and collaboration. Businesses need a solution that simplifies document management while ensuring security and accessibility.

Our Solution: Streamlined Online Archiving and Retrieval Services

Our proprietary Records Online Storage System (ROSS) offers a comprehensive solution for online archiving and retrieval, transforming the way you manage your documents. With ROSS, you can easily convert physical documents into electronic images, reclaim valuable office space, and ensure organized and swift document retrieval. Our platform is designed to simplify disaster recovery, reduce environmental impact, and provide a flexible and secure document management system.

Key Services:

  • Flexible Integration: ROSS accommodates unique requirements, bridging across multiple platforms and locations.

  • Secure Online Access: Authorized users can access records 24/7 from any system with a web browser, including custom screens and data elements.

  • Efficient Retrieval: Advanced indexing and search options enable quick and efficient document retrieval.

  • Disaster Recovery: Hosted data at our compliant off-site secure facility serves as a key element of your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

  • Environmental Impact: Reduce your company's environmental footprint by minimizing paper usage and storage space.

Why Choose Us:

Flexibility: Eliminate the need for costly hardware investments and reduce your company's environmental impact with our electronic document management solution.

Security: Our system ensures the highest level of security for your documents, with secured level access partitions and off-site data hosting.

Cost-Efficiency: ROSS is designed to adapt to any organizational needs, bridging multiple platforms and locations.

Take the Next Step: Simplify Your Document Management

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