Rebate Processing and Fulfillment Services: Maximizing Your Promotional Impact

The Challenge: Rebate promotions are key to driving customer acquisitions, retention, loyalty, and top-line revenues. However, managing the rebate process from start to finish can be complex and time-consuming, requiring specialized expertise and technology.

Our Solution: ADEC USA offers comprehensive Rebate Processing and Fulfillment Services that provide end-to-end management of your rebate programs. Our services are supported by innovative solutions and an experienced team, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for both your business and your customers.

Key Services:

  • Scanning and Handwriting Recognition: We digitize paper documents and recognize handwriting for instant access and processing.

  • Online Processing: Our full or partial online processing capabilities allow for complete management of mail-associated programs, verifying rebate coupons and orders with precision.

  • Warehouse and Shipping: We store, warehouse, and ship your physical rebate offers, ensuring they reach your customers promptly.

  • Data Entry and Accounting: Our team handles all aspects of data entry and accounting related to your rebate programs.

  • Customer Service Support: We provide exceptional customer service support, addressing any queries or issues your customers may have.

Why Choose Us:

Innovative Methods: We bring actionable strategic value through innovative methods, streamlining the rebate process and enhancing its effectiveness.

Experienced Staff: Our team of experts has extensive experience in managing rebate programs, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Full-Spectrum Management: From scanning to shipping, we handle every aspect of the rebate process, providing a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

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